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Gaalooge Enterprise

Gaalooge is a registered Agro-business Enterprise which actively involved in the production, distribution, and commercialization of several seed varieties including sorghum, maize, legumes, and sesame as well as supply of equipment, and farm inputs. Gaalooge was formed in 2015 by a team of Somalis with rich experience in agricultural value chains and conservation agriculture. Gaalooge was formed with the primary objective of researching, sourcing, and distributing quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm tools, and efficient farming technology to farmers in Somalia. Gaalooge strives to unlock the agricultural potential in Somalia by enhancing and guiding the growth of agricultural livelihoods through the supply of certified seeds, agricultural inputs, and mechanization. The agricultural support incorporates technical advisory services on appropriate seeds and modern farming practices. We have comprehensive and intimate knowledge of agriculture in Somalia, and we are committed to making a significant contribution to agricultural development in Somalia.

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To be the leading Agro-business Enterprise in Somalia by providing certified seeds, farm inputs, and high-quality agricultural services



Our primary aim is to produce and commercialize high quality seeds and agricultural services to Somali farmers



Our values are founded on the primacy of building a strong agriculture enterprise in Somalia by ensuring that farmers receive quality agricultural services in the sourcing, retailing and distribution of seeds, farm inputs and agricultural machinery.

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We Are Register In Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation

Our Strategy


2021 is shaping up to be another potentially great year for us, with GAALOOGE is maintaining commitment to its core values. That’s where consistency and continuity are to be expected; we are planning to export our products in different locations including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and UAE and others. In areas where security is more challenging, Gaalooge has forged partnership with local community groups to implement farming and livestock development projects. To ensure effective monitoring and guidance in implementation, monitoring staffs ensure that farmers and livestock keepers are adequately catered for. Staff capacity of Gaalooge is also well developed with many years working experience in Somalia and areas of farming and livestock development. This includes interacting with different levels of the government and authorities and mastering and getting well acquainted with different changes in governance and how the farming and livestock development trends influence marketing of livestock and farming value chains.

Skills Development

The staffs besides having appropriate academic qualifications and training are also very well experienced in fodder production, milk marketing, veterinary services and improving livestock breeds. Key personnel in Finance/Administration and Programmers have served the organization for at least 2years.


Seeds & Agricultural Inputs

Production And Selling Different Crops, Seeds And Fertilizers


Agricultural Machinery

Selling tractors and spare-part Our product range includes Tractors, Multicrop Thresher, Agricultural Reaper, and many more.


Training & Consultation

Providing training and consultations to the agro dealers. GAALOOGE provides innovative, sustainable and result driven solutions